The Dream that Is Belleve

Since childhood I have been able to feel the energy from others – even moments after entering a room. An exchange of words does not even have to take place. I have felt this energy from family, friends, children, and from unfamiliar faces. I can feel other’s high vibrations of love, joy, peace and low vibrations of pain, anger, stress, judgment.

Some people call this intuition.

Unfortunately, we all carry a degree of negative energy. This negativity is the result of stress, and 99.9% of all illnesses are stress-related. Our lives have many forms of stress from work, relationships, school, and our children. We all need to raise our vibration, because when we do this the rewards are endless. Achieving this can be difficult at times. I have learned many techniques that will help you raise your vibe. The opposite of stress is relaxation. I have made it part of my journey to help you relax and beautify your way to wellness.

I Belleve when we look good we feel good.

It has been my dream to create an environment for clients as well as BELLEVE staff to share and work in harmony together.

“Beauty That Goes Beyond Skin Deep.”

-Devon (owner/operator)

Uplift your spirit with a natural bronzed glow

“Products with principles – Looking beautiful never felt so good.”

BELLEVE looks forward to hearing from you so we can decide on a treatment or service that best suits you.

The Dream Team That Is Belleve...

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As our Aromatherapist and Expert Airbrush Technician, Devon works with the body, mind, and soul. When you want a beautifully bronzed body, she will leave you relaxed, refreshed and revived.

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