We Belleve in…

Using only quality sunless tanning products that are: Pure to the touch, Paraben free, Gluten-free, and Cruelty Free!

We BELLEVE your skin is a work of art.

The gentlest ingredients found in our products are:
Alcohol free = skin is hydrated.
Aloe based = Skin is moisturized.
Vitamin C = Helps skin with collagen production.
DHA = Main ingredient for sunless tanning which comes from sugar beets and sugar cane.

Our expert Spray Tan Technician will customize your tan uniquely for you based on your skin tone and desired colour, whether it be a natural bronzed glow or a deep Venetian tan.

1 custom airbrush spray tan

3  custom airbrush spray tans
$108 ($36/tan) save $12

6 custom airbrush spray tans
$192 ($32/tan) save $48

12 custom airbrush spray tans
$336 ($28/tan) save $14

Face /Neck


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